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A tidbit of motivation

first step

Think about your desire to be more motivated in your daily life. Remind yourself all the various tasks that you find so difficult to start or finish. Even if they seem overwhelming think about the actual reason for completing all these tasks. Now is there one task that stands out in being important and is achievable to you?

Let just this one task come forward in your mind. Visualize the feelings that you will have from this task being accomplished. The sense of achievement, purpose, clarity, and self worth all encompass your motivation. You can do this, the challenge is all in the mind. Make a commitment to yourself right now to accomplish just this one task. You will do it!

This motivation tool will help you greatly in aiding you through any arduous task awaiting your completion. All goals, tasks, and business begin with the first step.
Believe me after you begin you start building momentum and before you know it you can’t be stopped. No matter how difficult a task is there is always a solution.
The human mind contains such immense power that anytime we are faced with a problem we can find the solution. Sitting down and relaxing your mind for 5 minutes can give you the clarity and focus you need to hop over any mountain.

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