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22 Website Traffic Tips to 30 Thousand Websites Visitors


Generating traffic requires a huge amount of effort and time. Time to learn how to create great content to attract traffic, learn SEO to get high rankings and get traffic, promote your content to get traffic, maintain your site and keep traffic, finally outsource your website traffic generation.

Here are 22 ways to attract more visitors to that fabulous blog of yours:

1.  Links on related Websites only

2.  Regular posting

3.  Information in need.  Websites can have 500 articles but still not get the
traffic. It is not the quantity of content that gets the free traffic from the search
engines, it is the right content that gets the traffic. Check keywords in
Google’s Keyword Tool

4.  Organized information. SEO helps you organize your content because it
requires you to have subheadings, keywords, and related links in and out. All
of this make sure information organized an easy for the reader to see what your
content is about.

5.  Teach people how to do something, explain your steps and information in an
easy to understand way.

6.  Use twitter but don’t just tweet your link once and forget about it, write a few
tweets per post and spread them out over the day.

7.  Commenting on other Blogs – This is a great way to build connections with
the blogging community as well as drive traffic.

8.  Set up a Facebook page for your blog.

9.  Use StumbleUpon’s discovery and social sharingtools to share your best posts
and figure out what types of content people all over the world are reading,
then apply it to your site.

10.  Apply to a publishing network like Glam Media.

11.  Check how you can use SEO skills to making the smart titles, keywords in
your content, this is a great way to generate search traffic.

12.  Post an Instagram  of an upcoming post, with a
link to the post.

13.  Reach out to one or more bloggers to have them contribute a guest post to
your site, or pitch yourself as a guest post-er to one of your peers.

 14.  Add your blog to Bloglovin’ than your site can be found and followed in
this popular reader.

15.  Use tags to organize your content within your site.

16.  Make sure to use an eye-catching graphic to grab your follower’s attention.

17.  Make sure your correct URL is everywhere it needs to be: your Facebook fan
page, your Instagram profile, your Twitter profile, Pinterest

18.  Promote your blog post on Tumblr with a colorful graphic or image. Just
make sure the graphic links back to your original blog post.

19.  Do a link round up of posts you like from bloggers you admire or follow.

20.  Host a giveaway on your blog. This is a surefire way to attract readers,
comments and followers, and increase site traffic. Read our best giveaway tips

21.  Submit Your Blog to Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo

22. Researched Content. Always make sure your content has the correct
information for your readers. For example if you have a how to article, and
your instructions turn out to be completely wrong, your reputation will be

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