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T. Harv Eker – How to make a million

Check out an awesome hour long seminar from one of the world’s most famous and most inspiring millionaire motivational speakers: More »


The First Million: Fraser Doherty

Fraser Doherty is a Scottish entrepreneur from Edinburgh, CEO of SuperJam. Fraser started producing jam and selling it in the neighborhood when he was 14 years old. More »


Sean Belnick – King of Thrones

Belnick, founder of BizChair.com, is one of the nation’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs. As a youngster he spent $600 to build an online business selling office chairs from his home computer. More »


Tom Hopkins – How To Master The Art of Selling

I have read many salesman books and this is hands down the best of all. When I picked it up the first time I felt slightly overwhelmed by it. It has nearly More »



An amazing seminar from Nibo Qubein. Check out his original, inspiring, and moving view on life. If you are not familiar with him, read the info below which was taken from www.nidoqubein.com/aboutnidoqubein.cfm More »

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs – Great Inspirational Speech

Drawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams More »

Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy CEO Of Success Magazine

More »

andreas panayiotou1

Andreas Panayiotou – illiterate millionaire

  Very often you see me cherish entrepreneurs who were able to create their empire on their own without depending much on the ordinary system. There are too many people out there More »


Richard Branson – Doing business his way

After reading Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson all that’s left to say is what an amazing man. Made a fortune on the basic concept of taking overpriced services that offered low More »


Kevin O’Leary Speech

  Read more to watch video More »


Paulo Coelho – The Right Way To Look At Life

  I bought this book after I heard Will Smith recommend it in one of his interviews and I must say it’s reassuring to me and definitely life changing to others. It’s More »


Cameron Johnson – Teen Millionaire

  Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you this is hands down my number one. I buy this book myself for all my friends who are interested in business More »

Personal Training With Fitness Model Pawel Milner


Fitness has been a great part of my life for past 10 years. It allowed me to stay healthy, feel energetic, as well as elevate my confidence, self esteem, and leadership skills. Those positive changes brought much positive influence into my personal life such as respect amongst friends and tons of admiration from the opposite sex, and into my professional life such as discipline, leadership, and maturity. All those benefits later helped me to achieve success in fitness and personal training with people who needed professional guidance.

Program your brain for success


We easily forget that we are the controllers of our reality – and that “our reality” is not made up of outside influences, but that it actually consists of our thoughts, beliefs and mindset.

A Mature Business buds a Mature Leader


The startup and growth phase of your business take on two totally different management styles. Their is no magic pill when running your business. As the world changes you as a business leader must innovate and constantly adapt.

Simple success!


Most of the time people see individuals with a huge amass of money as successful. But what most don’t realize is that monetary success isn’t the only tool that is used to measure achievement.

Girls Like To Be Dominated


It’s another cold and windy day in New York. People are depressed – keeping to themselves, going through the motions at the office, drinking every night in solitude to ease the pain of being lonely… You readers are a different breed. You don’t indulge in that mopey beta shit.

Animal Pak

animal pak

The latest addition to my supplements is Animal Pak. As most of us here I never took steroids and I’m not planning on doing so. We naturals have an obvious disadvantage in comparison to the juiceheads. We get more fatigued for longer periods of time and the recovery takes us much longer.

Apple Introduces New MacBook Pro with Retina Display


When Apple introduced the MacBook Air in 2008, it shook up the PC industry. It was the world’s thinnest notebook. Today MacBook Pro sets a new standard in performance and portability for pro users. Of course, frontline tech like this is costly

A tidbit of motivation

first step

Think about your desire to be more motivated in your daily life. Remind yourself all the various tasks that you find so difficult to start or finish. Even if they seem overwhelming think about the actual reason for completing all these tasks. Now is there one task that stands out in being important and is achievable to you?

12 Free Subscribe WordPress Plugins


The Follow Widget enables your visitors to follow, fan, and subscribe to your
social profiles, blogs, and RSS feeds. All Webmasters or bloggers know how important it is to make it a easy as possible for readers to subscribe to the latest updates from their site or blog.

Madcows 5×5 routine


With the weather in NY basically being down in the low 20′s it’s the perfect time to pack on some size before the summer months. I am going to give a description of a routine I used that works very well in adding strength and size.


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